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Airband - Child Travelling Alone


Children flying solo with Air New Zealand will now receive an Airband at check-in. Using NFC technology, when the Airband is scanned by staff via a smartphone app, text message updates will be triggered and sent to up to five nominated contacts. As part of the changes, the online booking process has also been streamlined, reducing the need for paperwork with all the necessary details been captured digitally. Customers can also save drop off and pick up contact details in their Airpoints account for fast booking. Read more

The Hive - Findly

The Hive

The Hive is a cloud-based recruiting tool helps employers build self-growing pipelines by capturing job seekers and keeping them warm using automated candidate engagement. Job seekers can easily maintain evergreen profiles so that they are more quickly found and hired. It’s a unique approach to talent acquisition with proven benefits to employers and job seekers alike.

CX Apply - Findly

CX Apply

CX apply is a new mobile apply solution that enables companies to provide a faster, easier and better candidate experience on their existing applicant tracking system (ATS). It is able to turn an old ATS into a mobile-friendly site in just one day, this disruptive technology gives employers the power to deliver a completely mobile apply process that is more in line with the expectations of today's jobseekers.

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E-app - KonnectNet


E-app is a cloud-based tool to reduce re-work and insurance application turnaround times. Advisers who use e-App can deliver applications more securely and more completely to the insurance teams. This means faster turnaround and more time to spend working with customers.

Track and Trace - KonnectNet

Track and Trace easily track the status of your clients’ insurance medical requests. It keeps advisers in the loop as they get full visibility of the status of medical information requests for their customers.

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Dealership Performance Management System - TorqueIts

Dealer Performance Management System (DPMS) is a holistic dealership performance tool covering the Key performance of Sales, Finance & Insurance, Service & Parts areas.