Hobby Projects

The Form Engine

The Form Engine is one of my early days' projects, I created it to master AngualrJs when it didn't have much attention yet. Basically, what The Form Engine does is to give users an easy to use interface to build an e-form with customized questions as well as a generated password. Then the user can publish the e-form and share the access URL and password to other people to view and complete the e-form. Then when the e-form is completed, the form creator will receive all answers with email notification.

Pray Recorder for Android

Pray Recorder is an Android app built with Javascript, AngularJs, and Phonegap. The motivation for creating such an app came from a group of young believers in Buddism. They had to spend a lot of time with a pen and paper to record the progress to complete a group of prayer. Pray Recorder has all the needed prayer built-in and provided the functionalities to record the progress.

TradeMe Helper Chrome Extension

Trade Me Helper has solved one problem for me at least.

For example, after you set your search parameters and click the search button. TradeMe returns you a list of results. Then the users click on the listing which interests them. However when you are in the details view of the listing, then you find that this is not something you are looking for then you want to add a note to the list, so next time you in the details page or in the results list, you will see the note you have added, such as you were looking for property to rent, then you find a listing has a very attractive title but after you checked the details you know this is not the one you are looking for. Then you could add a note such as 'Checked, but too small for us'. Then this comment will show up every time you see this listing so you won't waste your time with the listing again.

The Chrome extension is simple and easy to use, maybe you don't think it is very useful, but I find it is very useful when I am searching jobs, so I can add notes to the ones I would like to look into more, and the ones I don't think is good fit for me, so it really makes the job search process easier and faster.

Check the video for demo:

Piccoly Photo Sharing app for Daycare

Piccoly is Daycare photo capturing and sharing the solution, it includes an Android app for the Daycare teachers and it also includes a website for the parent.

The Daycare teachers use the mobile app to take a picture of a child, then this photo will be uploaded to Windows Azure Blob store, then an email queue event will be trigger and a notification will be sent to the child's parents' email accounts with a URL which points to the web app where parent can view the photo, as well as all the previous photos, were stored there.

To build the whole solution, I have used AngularJs with ES6, Firebase, and Material Angular to build the Web App for parents, I have used NodeJs with Express to build a server to handle the upload photo, email queue as well as all the security features. Then finally, the mobile app was built with AngularJs with PhoneGap.

See the mobile app demo below:

Shopping Cart


A good friend of mine is selling his South American snacks and he needed something to help him selling online as well as managing orders and inventory.

Since he is a good friend and I have always loved his delicious snacks plus I was in the process of learning ReactJs, I thought why not just make a shopping cart with React for him. And after a few weekends' hacking, here we go mariamulata.co.nz is live. However, the code is generic enough to be reused for any people who want to sell things online.


Device Manager

The device manager is a solution built for tracking where the mobile devices are in a company.

The motivation of this project due to the poor management of mobile devices at the office. Despite the company, has invested a lot of mobile devices for developers and testers, staff still find extremely hard to find the device they need at a given time. Therefore, we created this solution which includes an IOS native app, an Android native app, and a web portal.

It is very easy to use this solution, so all the devices just need to install the app to register with the system. Then the web portal will see where the devices are. Since we have used Azure Mobile Service as our backend, web portal could even send the push notification to the mobile devices. After Findly started using this solution to manage mobile devices, the whole development team just got a lot happier.

I have created the web portal for this solution. I have used ASP.NET MVC4 as the backend where I integrated with Azure Mobile service to handle the user login and push notification. And the front end part is built by AngularJs.

The list ends here for now. Let me know if you have a good idea if it interests me maybe we can build it together.